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One Click Spyclean 
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Publisher Description:

1 Click Spy Clean detects and removes spyware of different kinds from your computer. Due to its comprehensive database of spyware definitions 1 Click Spy Clean will hunt down and remove from your machine all known spyware, adware that is on the market today. Disables and stores spyware in a safe place on your system until you decide whether or not to remove them permanently. This unique approach lets you manage spyware without harming other programs on your computer.Real time protection notifies you when spies attempt to run in memory, while adware, cookie-blocking and homepage protection ensure that your browsing sessions are protected from spyware while you are online. 1 Click Spy Clean adapts to the complexity of spyware and determines the best time to remove them, offering a powerful tool against tough spies that can only be removed from the hard drive during a system reboot. You will get 365 days Email Support.

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