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Publisher Description:

Are you an organisation or a concerned parent who is not sure as to how effectively your computers are being used? Ever wondered why those Internet hours are sapped up without much of work ever being completed. If yes, then watchdog is the software for you. It's like a camera inside your computer, which will keep track of all the activities, which the computer-user is performing. Once installed, it will track each and every application, which will run on any computer of your network. It will then give you reports using this auto-generated data. You have the choice to specify which application is banned or permitted for a particular user. Banned applications may include playing solitaire, or visiting un-rated websites. Permitted applications may include using your personalized accounting software, word, excel, etc. Watchdog can also be used for conferencing within an organization. Watchdog also gives you the power to see all the applications running on any comput er of your network at any given point of time. You can also see a screen shot of that computer. Thus, You will be able to use Watchdog to review the work being done by your employees. You can also shut down computers of your network remotely..

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