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Tir. Shooting range 
Windows > Games > Other > Tir. Shooting range

Publisher Description:

The game "Tir. Shooting-range" is an logical arcade with original rules and theme. Nice picture graphics, minimum rules, simple control, 2 scenarios each with 40 original levels will please both children and adult.Game principle is hit all targets (in some levels you need destroy only some of targets) on every offered levels with pointing sight at target and press shot button. But unlike many such games main thing is not speed of key pressing (though it is not prevented!) but accurate and exactly calculation of all emergent situations. The question is the sight you drive may move only right and up (rare exclusive following situations). You can increase/decrease sight speed in horizontal or vertical axis but you don't allowed stop the sight (or to direct it to back side that is left and down)! It is main complexity of the game that change it into original logical arcade from standard thoughtless fighting game.The targets you need hit are three different sizes. But you hardly miss big target but the middle and especially small ones may give you a lot of trouble. The problems are risen if the targets are moving or jumping fixed way that is on some levels of the game. There are also vanishing targets, which you can hit only they are visible on the screen. Sight is more difficulty to aim on "evanescent" objects. But it is especially hard to direct the sight to translucent targets (that is without white circle) because you may hit it only to the red part of one.But there are also good news for you. If you hit a target on the central circle you will receive an medal and extra score. Some targets can contain prizes that help you game. But there are some opposite surprises peculiar to whole level. It is a "night", when you can see only a small zone around the sight and another part is sealed with seven seals. A "wind" which is blown in following directions increase or decrease speed of the sight. A magnet, mirror, magnets traps and so on are waiting for you!.

Requirements & Limitations:

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