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Speed Dial for Phone Cards 
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    Speed Dial for Phone Cards

    Download:install_sd.exe   (1200)
    Type:Shareware    ($)
    Publisher:M8 Software

Publisher Description:

Speed Dial for Phone Cards automates the dialing of phone numbers via phone card providers. The program holds your calling card access numbers and PIN codes as well as the phone numbers you regularly dial. When you click "Dial", it dials the card access number and displays a continue button. When you are prompted for your PIN code, click continue and it dials your PIN. When prompted for the number to dial, click continue again and it dials the number. You can dial a 30 to 40 digit call in about 3 seconds with three mouse clicks. Speed Dial handles up to twelve calling cards and ten thousand phone numbers. You can also use it to dial your access number and PIN then dial the number manually and you can also dial direct to any of the numbers in its phone book..

Requirements & Limitations:

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