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ResponseMailer Email Processor 
Windows > Internet > Email > Tools > ResponseMailer Email Processor

ResponseMailer Email Processor

Publisher Description:

ResponseMailer is an email processor that checks the contents of your incoming emails to determine how to reply to it.

ResponsEMailer is convenient and saves you time by automatically replying to your email instead of you having to keep manually answering your email with the same message or staying at your computer to make sure your email is answered in a timely manner. ResponsEMailer email processor uses a simple but effective model to automate email replies: Email messages are downloaded from your email servers; They are checked against a set of rules that you have setup; If a message meets a rule then specific actions are then taken - such as send an email, run program, or write specific information to a file.

In addition your can personalize your email replies by including the senders name, specific pieces of information pulled out of the email that was sent or fields from a database.

Use ResponseMailer Email Processor as an auto responder for customer service, confirmation notice, vacation notice , out of office reply, follow-ups and prospects, advertising response or purchase order processing. The possible uses are endless.

ResponsEMailer reduces the time you spend to answer and follow-up on emails..

Requirements & Limitations:

30-day trial

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