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GRSeo - Search Engine Optimizer 
Windows > Internet > Promotion & SEO > GRSeo - Search Engine Optimizer

GRSeo - Search Engine Optimizer
    GRSeo - Search Engine Optimizer

    Download:grseodemo.zip   (427 KB)
    Type:Demo    ($149.00)

Publisher Description:

Search Engine Optimizer is a software for any Windows version that offersspecialized checks on Web pages in an effort to achieve higher search enginerankings. Users can run their Web pages through the Search Engine Optimizer(GRSeo) program, indicating which engine they're targeting and which keywordphrase. The program will offer a extensive series of suggestions and checksaimed toward achieving higher rankings in the search engines.

"It's almost impossible to keep up with changes in the search engineindustry," says Robin Nobles, Director of Training for the Search Engine Workshops. "SearchEngine Optimizer remembers these changes so you don't have to," sheexplains. "It's so easy to use that users can jump right in and learn whatneeds to be changed to achieve higher rankings and to keep out of troublewith the search engines."

GRSeo offers 62 checks for 9 of the major search engines and 3 directoriesand was designed to serve as an extension to some of the popular searchengine programs that offer a more limited number of checks..

Requirements & Limitations:


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