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Glue Glue! 
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Glue Glue!

Publisher Description:

Glue Glue! is a game of mind, skills and strategy, combining Tetris-like pieces and layout-based games. Each level comes with a different, challenging layout shape, that you have to fill in with a number of Tetris-like pieces, maneuvering them with keyboard or mouse. Glue Glue! features nice graphics and soundtracks, has several difficulty settings that you may adjust, and lets you play levels in a number of play modes, such as Solid or Match Colours, for a different, challenging gameplay experience each time you play, and you may even play levels in the GlueiX mode, an enhanced tetris-like mode. You may browse through the available levels, so you don't have to play the same levels all the time; you may also save your games to restore them at a later time.Glue Glue! is fully customizable, comes with 100+ levels (Demo version only includes 3) and has several free downloadable add-ons like different piece sets (that you may use in Demo version, too), free add-on level packs (currently exceeding 60 levels), alternative skins..

Requirements & Limitations:

30-day trial

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