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Living Cookbook 2005 
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Living Cookbook 2005

Publisher Description:

Award-winning easy-to-use recipe management software. Create, organize, print and e-mail your recipes, get nutritional information, and much more.

- Add your own recipes: Enter your favorite recipes using a simple, easy-to-learn interface. - Nutritional analysis: Determine the calories, fat, vitamins and minerals of any recipe.- Ingredient database: The ingredient database contains more than 7000 ingredients each with detailed USDA nutrition information - everything from calories and saturated fat to magnesium, zinc and caffeine. - Grocery lists: Create shopping lists from recipes, ingredients, even non-food items. - Web integration: Copy recipes from web pages and paste them into the Living Cookbook. The software interprets the recipes and stores them in the database. - Reference library: Browse the library of cooking techniques, including step-by-step instructions to perform many useful tasks. - Import and export: Export your recipes and e-mail them to your friends - all from within the application. Supported file formats include MasterCook 4.0, MasterCook 6.0, Meal-Master and Pocket Express. - Recipe notes and reviews: Add notes, cooking tips and reviews to your recipes. Rank your recipes by their ratings. - Scale recipes: Scale any recipe to any number of servings. - Perform powerful searches: Search for recipes using a wide range of criteria: ingredients, recipe name, recipe type, and more. - Clone recipes: Recipes can be duplicated with a click of the mouse. - Customize recipe views: Take control of the appearance of your recipes. Choose the information you want to see: nutritional information, recipe ratings and reviews, cooking tips, etc. - Integrated spell-checker: Check the spelling of your recipes with a click of the mouse. Customize your dictionary to include your own cooking terms.

Comes with over 1000 free recipes..

Requirements & Limitations:

25-use trial

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