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The Return To Citadel: Tri Pack 
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Publisher Description:

After an incident on 33 Mars SC in 2810 when a rookie pilot selectedthe wrong gear when docking with the main central and reduced half theplanet to molten lava, the Commander decided that a special trainingfacility was needed to provide an elite corps of pilots for theadvanced military skimmers used in colonization and reconnaissancework. The Citadel Academy for Advanced Pilots (The Citadel) wasfounded in 2813 to meet this requirement. With an intake of over ahundred would be pilots a year, only a few meet the exactingrequirement of skills. In order to graduate from the Citadel cadetsmust complete 180 missions, grouped in three levels of experience.

The first 50 levels of the "Kids Pack" are for the freshmen who juststarted to learn the secrets of the Citadel. 80 levels of the"original game" are for the experienced pilots and the "expert pack"with its 50 levels will test you so the authorities know your skillsare high enough to graduate.

The Citadel is waiting for you!

Byxon Games is happy to announce the new reduced price for thispopular game! Now you can save 20 bucks and get "The Return ToCitadel: Tri Pack" for only $19.95 (old price: $39.95)..

Requirements & Limitations:

10 tutorial levels + 10 of the 180 game levels in the demo version

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