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Public ShareFolder 1.2 
Windows > Internet > Email > Tools > Public ShareFolder 1.2

Public ShareFolder 1.2

Publisher Description:

Share Outlook without Exchange. Shared calendars, shared contacts, shared inbox. Public ShareFolder makes it possible for several users to connect simultaneously the same Outlook PST files with full access and rights for read and write for all connected users. To share contacts, calendars, tasks or inboxes, is one of the most important functions of groupware solutions. Public ShareFolder supplies this access with all Outlook versions (97-2003). Normally it is not possible without a Microsoft Exchange server to use Microsoft Outlook together in a shared network to share these information's and functionality directly in Outlook with every rights. As base, Public ShareFolder use here an Outlook data file (PST) as a shared Public Folder. This programs share not only contacts or dates, it shares the hole Outlook PST file. Whether it concerns now contacts, dates, functions or post office inbox, a central enterprise further accesses to a shared Outlook structure is po ssible with this program. All co-workers can use the same shared contacts. Each co-workers can see who has which date or who is busy with which task. They have all functionalities on this central shared Outlook as in a personal Outlook file. Write rights, reader-genuine or rules assistant. All built-in functions are preserved also in the Public ShareFolder. The existing Outlook network does not have to be modified. With Public ShareFolder a network can be implemented with all Outlook versions. Public ShareFolder is not a synchronisation program, it is a "Store Provider" like Microsoft Exchange Server. To synchronize items like emails, contacts etc. would use to much network traffic. Also for Lotus Notes or GroupWise users, who like to change to Outlook, is this an interesting groupware solution. A notebook synchronisation tool (Public SyncTool) is still developed. Public Sharefolder is an Outlook sharing groupware solution for small networks with 2 users and also for compani es with several hundred user.

Requirements & Limitations:

restart of the server part after 4 hours

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