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Paragon Hard Disk Manager Personal 
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Paragon Hard Disk Manager Personal

Publisher Description:

Hard Disk Manager 6.0 is an easy, complete and reliable toolset for hard disks: hard disk management, maintenance and disposal, boot management, data and system security, easy recovery. A convenient and clear interface, smart wizards and a bunch of additional utilities make any task regarding the hard disk easily approachable, even for home users. It includes the functionality of Partition Manager, Drive Backup, BootManager, Disk Wiper and much more.

  • Create a new partition configuration from scratch
  • Change the existing configuration with data in any conceivable way - separate and secure important data on dedicated partition, move free space among partitions, change partitioning for new operating system or data (FAT16/32, NTFS, Ext2/3 FS, Reiser FS, HPFS are supported)
  • Improve the file system performance (defragment file system and MFT, change cluster size, etc)
  • Secure your system and data - backup important data locally, on CD/DVD, on removable media or external storage. HotBackup (create an image of running operating system without interrupting it) and Incremental Backup (enables to update existing image of partition with changes performed since previous backup) are available.
  • Flexible possibilities for image burning and restoring:
    ¤ burn to CD/DVD any set of partitions, entire hard disk, or separate files
    ¤ restore any files from image and even change them inside the image using Image Mounter or Image Explorer
  • Install and use several operating systems (e.g. Linux & Windows) on one computer and optimize their partition configuration
  • Easily dispose the hard disk with no risk for old data to be restored by somebody
  • Simple recovery functionality for system crashes, including recovering important documents. Bootable CD is available to fix or restore unbootable system, or to save important documents on recordable CD/DVD.

Requirements & Limitations:


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