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Paragon CD-ROM Emulator Personal 
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Paragon CD-ROM Emulator Personal

Publisher Description:

Paragon CD-ROM Emulator enables every user to play CDs and DVDs without the need for physical discs. You can obtain up to 23 virtual CD/DVD-ROM drives and unlimited number of virtual CDs/DVDs. Create the images of all needed discs and work with several Audio, Video, Game, Data etc. CDs or DVDs simultaneously. Virtual CDs are simply files saved on your hard disk - no chance of losing them, no dust, no scratches or rifts, no need to search for the desired CD title. You can use virtual CDs and virtual drives via the network as well.Exceed the performance of a physical CD/DVD-ROM the reading speed of a virtual drive is 200x. CD-ROM Emulator supports normal CD, DVD, and CD RAW subchannel reading methods, ignoring bad blocks, for emulation of any CD. In this version, it is possible to organize your virtual CDs/DVDs in folders so that you can manage all your media files effectively. Create virtual libraries with your favorite music, games, video etc. and enjoy your leisure time! CD-ROM Emulator supports up to 99 audio or a great number of MP3 tracks per virtual CD. For your convenience we have added a built-in burner and eraser to our last version which enables you to copy CDs/DVDs to CD-R/CD-RW/DVD-R/DVD-RW without the assistance of any other software. Manage all your CDs/DVDs with just a few mouse clicks!

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