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ElementsToGo for Palm 
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Publisher Description:

ElementsToGo for Palm features a compact and comprehensive periodic table of elements with over 3,000 facts in more than 25 information fields. With its easy-to-use functions and intuitive search process, you can lookup any element in a matter of seconds!

Enjoy ElementsToGo for Palm for 10 days FREE! Or, purchase a single license for $8.

Product Features:- Features a database of more than 3,000 facts and information - Features over 25 information fields for every element - Intuitive search process allows for fastest information lookup search using the element name or symbol - Optimized for fast searching with a highly compressed database - Easily switch between the periodic table view and the list of elements - Bookmark frequently viewed elements for easy access - Features history of last 50 words accessed - Allows copying of selected word or entire page to clipboard - Extremely user-friendly interface, one-tap easy access to most functions - Support for Palm OS 5 based devices. - Supports high resolution devices (both pre-5.0 high resolution and Palm OS 5 double density resolution screens)

Requirements & Limitations:

10-day free trial.

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