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Quick Web Photo Resizer 
Windows > Graphics > Image Editors > Quick Web Photo Resizer

Quick Web Photo Resizer
    Quick Web Photo Resizer

    Download:webpht10.exe   (1585 Kb)
    Type:Shareware    ($24)
    Publisher:DzSoft Ltd

Publisher Description:

Quick Web Photo Resizer by DzSoft Ltd is the new way to prepare your photos for the web, extremely easily and quickly. To process a photo with Quick Web Photo Resizer, just drag and drop it from any folder of your computer (or from the desktop) into the blue drop target of Quick Web Photo Resizer. It will be immediately processed with the settings that can be selected using the special control below the blue drop target. Then just drag the finished image file from the right part of Quick Web Photo Resizer wherever you like (to a folder on your computer, into a new email message, upload to your web site, copy to a CD etc). It's quick like never before! Just drag into the window, and then out of the window..

Requirements & Limitations:

30-day trial.

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