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Publisher Description:

FileBoss has the power, flexibility and robust features needed by professionals and demanded by today's large and intricate file systems.It provides tools that allow you to regain control of your file system. Whether its renaming 1,000's, replicating a tree structure without its files, copying with graceful error recovery or performing many other tasks, FileBoss performs ordinary, and many not-so-ordinary, jobs in an extra-ordinary fashion. And onscreen result windows keep your informed every step along the way.No longer do you need to have separate, underpowered programs to rename, copy, compare or find files. FileBoss handles it all and much more with one intuitive interface. And not just one folder at a time: FileBoss can rename, copy, move, drag and drop and perform other operations on thousands of files at once.In addition to extending common Windows Explorer functions so that they are actually useful, FileBoss includes functions that manipulate files in one folder, many folders, on one drive, across several drives and even across a network all at one time.For example, from renaming one file to renaming thousands across several disks with sophisticated transformations, FileBoss has a facility to make the process quick and easy. Add sequential numbers, delete or change spaces, change case - even to first caps - change names and add file times to names and more. Confirm each or let FileBoss do them all automatically.FileBoss can be easily configured as the default viewer for File Folders allowing it to be displayed when a folder on the Desktop or in another folder is double-clicked. But it will never usurp functions you don't want it to nor will it create any nasty hooks to mess up your system.With the same familiar interface that is used for other operations FileBoss's can compare, merge and purge Folders, Paths, Drives and even Network storage areas. Merging can be automatic or highly selective - as suits your needs..

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