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Download:spamblocker.exe   (1413 KB)
Type:Shareware    ($14.95)
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Spam Blocker blocks unwanted advertising messages on the mail server. It is a simple and convenient tool for preliminary analysis, blocking and deleting incoming advertising messages (spam) on the mail server.Spam Blocker helps to get rid of annoying email adv ... [More]

Chrysanth Mail Manager

Download:getfile.htm?CSMailManager.zip   (4.13 MB)
Type:Shareware    ($29.95)
Publisher:Chrysanth Software
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Chrysanth Mail Manager is a spam blocker designed from the ground up to help users effectively stop junk emails or "SPAM". This spam blocker helps users automatically identify, filter and stop junk emails on their mail server without having to download the jun ... [More]

Title:Version: Size: License:  
DeSofto SpamFilter v2.70 888 KB Shareware  Buy Now
Save your traffic and time. DeSofto SpamFilter automatically kills the most of Spam immediately at the server without downloading with unique neuro-algorithm and blocks the rest of Spam for manually ...
G-Lock SpamCombat v2.33 3736 KB Shareware  Buy Now
Spam emails have become an ever increasing problem, and nowadays it is practically impossible to use email without receiving spam in large amounts. G-Lock SpamCombat is your powerful solution for ...
CoffeeCup Spam Blocker v4.1 2649 Kb Freeware
Spam Blocker works with any POP3 email account. It checks your HTML and Text email and removes spam right from the mail server so you never see it in your regular inbox. Spam Blocker automatically ...
Eliminate Spam! v2.51 2189 KB Freeware
Flooded by spam? Save yourself from unwanted junk messages by installing Eliminate Spam! - the most powerful spam protector available today. Eliminate Spam! uses sophisticated customizable filters ...
SPAM Shredder v2.5 1007 Kb Shareware
SPAM Shredder is a spam filtering software that lets you remove spam emails just from the mail server without pulling them down into your Inbox. SPAM Shredder ensures the efficient and easy control under incoming emails, thus helping to save your time and money! Applying the SPAM Shredder allows to determine up to 99.9% of spam emails. SPAM Shredder is a powerful and comfortable email client with effective spam filtering and good privacy and security protection.
DeSofto SpamFilter LITE v2.56 2500 KB Shareware
It kills the most of Spam immediately at the server without downloading.
CAMELOT Security v2005 14733 KB Shareware
Full featured server side messaging firewall that is designed to fight SPAM
Spam Alarm for Outlook/Outlook Express v1.3.0.0 4994 Shareware
Spam Alarm for Oulook/Outlook Express.
SPAMfighter Pro v3.0.1 3726 Shareware
Spam Filter for Outlook and Express
Outlook Spam Filter v2.0 1436 Shareware
Outlook Spam Filter
Knockout Spam for Outlook 2000/2002/2003 v1.0 1965 KB Shareware
Knockout Spam is a spam filter for Outlook. It uses Bayesian artificial intelligence to quickly learn what you consider spam and not spam more accurately and faster then you can by hand.

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